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Meet us, Wolfpack Digital, the team of app developers aiming to be the best in building a complete solution that is able to disrupt the app market.

50 strategists, creatives, programmers, builders and masterminds, work hand in hand, all guided by our values and mission to become the most valued strategic partner for both startups and scaleups. We have been around for 5 years and we are here to stay! Our office is centrally located in a beautiful house in Cluj, Romania, all seasoned with a charming backyard. Do you know that Cluj-Napoca is repeatedly being named “The Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe?

At Wolfpack Digital, we strive for having a flat/relaxed organization hierarchy, and we're quite flexible about the roles. For example: if a web developer wants to learn mobile development, or a designer wants to learn web development - we encourage that. The company is mostly consisted of developers but we focus on good looking products, so you'll see that even the developers might be included in the design phase - we actually encourage that.

We are looking for new wolves to join our pack. Interested ?